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Cavalli Lets Racked in on Cavalli Miami, His U.S. Nightlife Debut

Image Via Bob Krieger
Image Via Bob Krieger

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We all know who Roberto Cavalli is; his extravagant animal prints, attention grabbing patterns and bold silhouettes have flourished on runways and red carpets across the globe. But did you know he was a fully bloomed restauranteur?

Cavalli Miami Restaurant and Lounge is set to open soon on Ocean Drive, which will make Miami the home of his first U.S. restaurant location (he owns Cavalli Clubs in Milan and Dubai, several Cavalli Caffes around the world and a Cavalli family vineyard). We talked to the designer to see why he chose Miami, how he broke into the hospitality industry and what his visions are for his latest nightlife venture. (Spoiler alert: he suggests you wear Cavalli if you go).

What about Miami inspired you to build a location here?
Miami is such a wonderful and lively city, full of places to see. It is becoming a mecca for style, design and fashion...It is constantly changing and evolving and I wanted to be a part of that process. I wanted Miami to have a taste of Roberto Cavalli and what better than a Restaurant and Lounge?

What was your inspiration behind the look and feel of the restaurant?
My work is based on everything I have built in the last 40 years of creativity. My silk prints, tribal prints and damask prints have been morphed and have become the fabrics for the tables. It was a long process and I dedicated a lot of thought to it. There is no difference with designing a fashion line. My lifestyle has always been a mix of all my passions.

How will Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge be different than Cavalli Café in other cities?
No concept will ever be even remotely similar to what I have created... I offer my clients and my friends a complete lifestyle experience.

What about the uniforms? How involved were you in designing the attire?
I tried to be involved in every single aspect... as I said before I am a perfectionist and I want to supervise and be a part of everything regarding my projects and my ventures!

You are one of the top names in fashion. Why venture off into the food industry, and not just stay within the craft you've mastered?
Fashion and décor are undeniably intertwined in many different ways... Interior decorating and design expresses the most intimate and personal side of each of us... I love style and I believe it was only a natural passage for me to go from fashion to design and especially to branch out into the hospitality division. It was simply a matter of timing and deciding how to share my inspirations...Cavalli is not only a fashion brand; it is a lifestyle. Hospitality is a very tricky need to know to develop a certain knowledge and expertise in order to be successful and to be a lasting establishment but I love the challenges and I would like to be part of it.

What do you expect a typical night at Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge to be like? Who should you expect to see dining at there?
They have to expect glamour, happiness, sensuality and lot of surprise. This place is for all people who love to live well and who like to have an unforgettable time..Those who love glamour, elegance and want to be surrounded by love...

What should one wear if they go?
Well, clearly if they are wearing Roberto Cavalli they will be absolutely perfect...
A woman with a wonderful black gown or a printed shirt with a fitted pair of jeans certainly looks glamorous and sophisticated.

What do you recommend off the menu? How involved were you in the process of selecting the food and cocktails?
I tried to be involved in every single aspect of the selection. The menu offers an incredible selection of traditional Italian recipes infused with Tuscan influences, as well as innovative 'new style' dishes. It will also be possible to taste and appreciate, among others, the 'Tenuta Degli Dei' red wine produced in the Tuscan winery owned by the Cavalli family.

I would like to suggest to try the Tuscan Chianina beef tartare with quail egg, light mustard and truffle salt, that is one of my favourite dishes, or and Caserta burrata with organic Campari tomatoes . Not to be missed – decadent lobster consommé with caviar and house-made crème fraiche the perfect blend of succulent seafood and savory flavors.

How often will you be visiting the restaurant?
I will definitely try to come back as often as I can... I love Miami and I love seeing my concepts develop into reality.

Any plans for more Cavalli openings in Miami?
I hope! I love this city and I hope that the people who live there will love me and my place.
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Cavalli Miami Restaurant and Lounge

150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139