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Nordstrom Gives Miami its Moment

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Images via Ashley Brozic

Alright, here's a mini rant. If you had to count on your fingers the amount of merchandise out there with the words NYC or Brooklyn, you'd have to grow out extra limbs. We're not hating on the Big Apple, we're just a little jealous that Miami doesn't get its 15 minutes of fame, less you count anything so bright it glows in the dark, but neon already had it's moment so it looks like we'll be going back to the shadows soon.

Thankfully, Nordstrom understands our woes and is giving the Magic City the spotlight it deserves. The luxurious-yet-accessible department store has teamed up with Etsy artisans to offer city and state specific goods from cutting boards to ceramic mugs and t-shirts to art prints. So chop your onions as the state of Florida glows beneath you! Sip your coffee out of a cup with a PG depiction of South Beach! Delight as you stack important forms under a Miami mapped paper weight! This city's having a moment, at Nordstrom in Aventura anyways.

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