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Miami Gets A Hipster Show

Image via Arsht Center
Image via Arsht Center

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The lives of so-called hipsters can seem at times, well, melodramatic. But somehow when everything's scripted, the woes of Gen Y are bearable, if not enjoyable. Enter Urban Apparel, an Urban-Outfitters-meets-American-Apparel type store where the employees are actors and the store is actually a stage setting.

The play, which runs through December 22, is the brainchild of The Project [theatre], a local Miami acting company that, with the backing of The Arsht Center and The Knight Foundation was able to transform an empty space at Miami's Ultramont Mall into an actual store. You can literally purchase products from local vendors before and after the show (many were found via Etsy) and sip on craft beer and wine as you watch the lives of Urban Apparel's employees unfold. Besides this being the coolest concept ever (if you're a theater lover who often wishes for a late-night shopping binge), the perks of being able to undergo an enjoyable shopping experience during the holidays is invaluable, not to mention unheard of. Crossing off a cultural experience AND holiday shopping? Yes, please.
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