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Miami's Best Places for Eyelash Extensions

DIY Meditation: Five Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Guided Hypnosis

Using the power of a positive mantra.

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Non-Lame Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don't Involve Clubbing

Seven of Miami's Most Affordable and Attractive Wedding Venues

Because Miami's budget savvy brides shouldn't skimp on something beautiful.

11 Miami Fashion Girls to Follow on Instagram

The local store owners, stylists, designers, and fashion writers giving our feeds a giant dose of style.

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Miami's 18 Best Bridal Stores for Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Breath in tulle and lace, girl. Just breath it all in.

Ten Jaw-Dropping Spots to Take Engagement Photos in Miami

13 Miami Fitness Pros to Follow on Instagram

Give your thumb a workout and double tap.

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Where to Shop for Jewelry in Miami

The Best Street Style From III Points

The Wynwood music fest brought out flatforms, mesh, and tons of badass fashion.

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How Hormones Influence Your Shopping Behavior

‘Your Brain on Shopping’ investigates.

There’s More to Headwraps Than You Think

We unravel the hidden story behind headwraps.

I Dressed Like a Divorcée in a Rom-Com for a Week

Can dressing like Meryl Streep transform me into the croissant-baking woman I aspire to be?

Jezebel Express Challenges Beauty Norms Through Burlesque

‘Dress the Part’ meets the burlesque performer challenging beauty norms.

A$AP Eva Is the Woman Behind Your Favorite Rapper’s Jewels

‘Just Browsing’ explores the treasure trove of luxury bling at this unassuming NYC store.
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18 Miami Shops to Stock Up on Swimwear This Summer

A Fashion Blogger's Guide to Miami's Most Photogenic Walls and Where to Find Them

Miami is one photogenic city– it's practically painted on the walls. Here, Miami's top fashion bloggers show us their faves.

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21 Cheap (But Good!) Nail Salons to Hit Up in Miami

Because no one is above a $30 mani and pedi.

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Where to Get Inked; A Guide to Miami's Best Tattoo Shops

Your Ultimate Pizza Guide Plus Miami's Best Restaurants

The latest in Miami's food scene from our friends at Eater.

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Miami's Ten Best Luxury Spas

From The Miami Beach Edition to the Biltmore, scroll through our list of Miami's best luxury spas and book your next life detox, stat.

Fiercely Thriftin's Guide to Thrift Shopping Like a Pro

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Miami's Best Facials For Budget-Bearing Folks

From skin-clearing to anti-aging.

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Miami's Best Lingerie Stores

From lacy luxuries to undergarment essentials.

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Where to Buy Workout Clothes in Miami

Because it's time to give your old leggings a break.